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Minimal Mistakes screenshot

A popular and well maintained Jekyll theme suitable for blogs, personal and portfolio sites. This theme is extremely well coded, highly customizable and well documented.

Jekyll screenshot



:globe_with_meridians: Jekyll is a blog-aware static site generator in Ruby

Eleventy screenshot

A simpler site generator. Transforms a directory of templates (of varying types) into HTML.

Academicpages.github.io screenshot

Github Pages template for academic personal websites, forked from mmistakes/minimal-mistakes

Al Folio screenshot

A beautiful, simple, clean, and responsive Jekyll theme for academics

Octicons screenshot

A scalable set of icons handcrafted with <3 by GitHub

Metalsmith screenshot

An extremely simple, pluggable static site generator for Node.js

Huxpro.github.io screenshot

My Blog / Jekyll Themes / PWA

Mqtt.org screenshot

The mqtt.org website

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Jekyll Advance screenshot

Advance is a premium, multi-purpose Jekyll theme.

Jekyll Origin screenshot

Origin is a fully featured premium blog theme.

Jekyll Curate screenshot

Curate is a finely designed portfolio theme with multiple layouts.

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Home Assistant.io screenshot

:blue_book: Home Assistant User documentation

Assemble screenshot

Get the rocks out of your socks! Assemble makes you fast at web development! Used by thousands of projects for rapid prototyping, themes, scaffolds, boilerplates, e-books, UI components, API documentation, blogs, building websites/static site generator, an alternative to Jekyll for gh-pages and m...

Choosealicense.com screenshot

A site to provide non-judgmental guidance on choosing a license for your open source project

Fastpages screenshot

An easy to use blogging platform, with enhanced support for Jupyter Notebooks.

Minima screenshot



Minima is a one-size-fits-all Jekyll theme for writers.

Jekyll TeXt Theme screenshot

💎 🐳 A super customizable Jekyll theme for personal site, team site, blog, project, documentation, etc.

Qiubaiying.github.io screenshot

BY Blog ->

Jekyll Admin screenshot

A Jekyll plugin that provides users with a traditional CMS-style graphical interface to author content and administer Jekyll sites.

Staticman screenshot

💪 User-generated content for Git-powered websites

Moon screenshot



🌓 Moon is a minimal, one column jekyll theme.

So Simple Theme screenshot

A simple Jekyll theme for words and pictures.

Modern Resume Theme screenshot

A modern static resume template and theme. Powered by Jekyll and GitHub pages.

Resume Template screenshot

:page_facing_up::briefcase::tophat: A simple Jekyll + GitHub Pages powered resume template.

Gifs screenshot



:joy: :camera: :sparkler: Storage place for all mah gifs.

Jekyll Seo Tag screenshot

A Jekyll plugin to add metadata tags for search engines and social networks to better index and display your site's content.

Mzlogin.github.io screenshot

Jekyll Themes / GitHub Pages 博客模板 / A template repository for Jekyll based blog

Remote In Japan screenshot

Tech companies in Japan that hire remote workers.

Minimal screenshot

Minimal is a Jekyll theme for GitHub Pages

Formulae.brew.sh screenshot

🏎 An online formulae browser for Homebrew

Simple Jekyll Search screenshot

A JavaScript library to add search functionality to any Jekyll blog.

Markdown Cv screenshot

a simple template to write your CV in a readable markdown file and use CSS to publish/print it.

Pages Cms screenshot

A user-friendly CMS for static site generators.

Cayman screenshot



Cayman is a Jekyll theme for GitHub Pages

Awesome Resources screenshot

:sunglasses: List of helpful resources added by the community for the community!

default image

:art: Asset pipelines for Jekyll.

default image

jekyll extensions for the blogging scholar

7z screenshot



7-Zip Official Chinese Simplified Repository (Homepage and 7z Extra package)

Artsy.github.io screenshot

The Artsy Engineering Open-Source Developers Blog

Wordpress To Jekyll Exporter screenshot

One-click WordPress plugin that converts all posts, pages, taxonomies, metadata, and settings to Markdown and YAML which can be dropped into Jekyll (or Hugo or any other Markdown and YAML based site engine).

default image

⛴ Docker images, and CI builders for Jekyll.

default image



📓 Memo Life For You

default image

🎉 A clean and delicate Jekyll theme. Jekyll博客主题

Hacker screenshot

Hacker is a Jekyll theme for GitHub Pages

default image

Source of the https://www.ruby-lang.org website.

Photography screenshot

A free online portfolio website to showcase your photos.

Digital Garden Jekyll Template screenshot

Start your own digital garden using this Jekyll template 🌱

Jekyll Auth screenshot

A simple way to use GitHub OAuth to serve a protected Jekyll site to your GitHub organization

Burger screenshot

Burger - The minimal hamburger menu with fullscreen navigation.

Jekflix Template screenshot

A Jekyll theme inspired by Netflix. 🎬

Moving screenshot

A clean and minimalist theme for Jekyll.

default image

A collection of reverse engineered Apple things, as well as a machine-readable database of Apple hardware

default image

:twisted_rightwards_arrows: Seamlessly specify multiple redirections URLs for your pages and posts.

Reverie screenshot

:art: A ridiculously elegant Jekyll theme.

Circleci Docs screenshot

Documentation for CircleCI.

Bchiang7.github.io screenshot

Third iteration of my personal website built with Jekyll

default image

A starter project including full setup for Jekyll, GulpJS, SASS & BrowserSync

Opensource.microsoft.com screenshot

This is the source code to the Microsoft Open Source site featuring projects, program information, and "get involved" pages. This site is published at opensource.microsoft.com and managed by the Microsoft Open Source Programs Office (OSPO).

Caniemail screenshot

Can I email… Support tables for HTML and CSS in emails.

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