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Minimal Mistakes screenshot

A popular and well maintained Jekyll theme suitable for blogs, personal and portfolio sites. This theme is extremely wel...

Jekyll Origin screenshot

Origin is a fully featured premium blog theme.

Al Folio screenshot

A beautiful, simple, clean, and responsive Jekyll theme for academics

Almace Scaffolding screenshot

AMSF, a.k.a. Almace Scaffolding, a super-fast Jekyll framework fighting against the website obesity. screenshot

The Artsy Engineering Open-Source Developers Blog

Assemble screenshot

Get the rocks out of your socks! Assemble makes you fast at web development! Used by thousands of projects for rapid pro... screenshot

The personal website of Ben Balter. Built using Jekyll and GitHub Pages. See humans.txt for more infos.

Blog screenshot



My blog about computers, written in Jekyll and deployed to GitHub Pages

Buhocms screenshot

A free and open source local CMS for static site generators

Buildtimes screenshot

✏️ Musings on building (and breaking) websites

Cards Jekyll Template screenshot

A simple Jekyll Template Card Based.

Celeste screenshot

A lightweight theme for Jekyll featuring a minimalist, content-first design.

CodeboyBlog screenshot

codeboy.me网站模板 screenshot

Slides, paper notes, class notes, blog posts, and research on ML 📉, statistics 📊, and AI 🤖.

Cvless screenshot



Jekyll theme for a beautiful online CV

Derrick screenshot

🙌 Derrick is a clean minimal and fast theme for a personal blog.

Dev Portfolio Blog screenshot

Minimal theme for blog and portfolio

Dry screenshot



Dry is a new template engine and language, and is a superset of Shopify's Liquid, with first-class support for advanced ...

Duo screenshot



👬 A Simple Jekyll Theme. screenshot

Web Scratchブログのリポジトリ screenshot

personal blog,using jekyll-bootstrap,powered by github page

Elementary screenshot

Minimal Jekyll theme optimized for performance, accessibility, usability and readability.

Eleventy screenshot

A simpler site generator. Transforms a directory of templates (of varying types) into HTML.

Emacs Easy Jekyll screenshot

Emacs major mode for managing jekyll

Fast_template screenshot

A template for really easy blogging with GitHub Pages

Fastpages screenshot

An easy to use blogging platform, with enhanced support for Jupyter Notebooks. screenshot

Pure concentrated awesome (a.k.a. my blog)

Grape Theme screenshot

🍇This is a jekyll Grape-Theme. It is good for a portfolio as well as a blog!

Grunt Assemble screenshot

Static site generator for Grunt.js, Yeoman and Node.js. Used by Zurb Foundation, Zurb Ink, H5BP, Topcoat, Web Experience... screenshot

Harttle Land 的源码和文章 screenshot

My Blog / Jekyll Themes / PWA

Jekflix Template screenshot

A Jekyll theme inspired by Netflix. 🎬

Jekyll Dash screenshot

🌒 Light and dark blog theme for Jekyll, inspired by Dash UI for Atom.

Jekyll Lens screenshot

A Jekyll theme for photographers and photo bloggers. 📸

default image

🎉 A clean and delicate Jekyll theme. Jekyll博客主题 screenshot

personal blog and website

Kiko screenshot



:apple: Kiko, a Jekyll Theme screenshot

✨ Github repository for my website

Metalsmith screenshot

An extremely simple, pluggable static site generator for Node.js

Minimalism screenshot

Minimalism is a Jekyll theme for minimalist!

Moving screenshot



A clean and minimalist theme for Jekyll. screenshot

Jekyll Themes / GitHub Pages 博客模板 / A template repository for Jekyll based blog screenshot

My personal blog

Oscailte screenshot

Oscailte — A powerful light, clean, and responsive Jekyll theme.

Paper Jekyll Theme screenshot

A minimal Jekyll theme for personal blogs

Polyglot screenshot

:abc: Multilingual and i18n support tool for Jekyll Blogs screenshot

BY Blog ->

Reptar screenshot



static sites that roar

Reverie screenshot

:art: A ridiculously elegant Jekyll theme. screenshot

📘리디 주식회사의 홈페이지입니다.

Simple Jekyll Search screenshot

A JavaScript library to add search functionality to any Jekyll blog.

Slinkity screenshot

To eleventy and beyond! The all-in-one tool for templates where you want them, component frameworks where you need them ...

Space Jekyll Template screenshot

A simple spacemacs template on jekyll. screenshot

blog, talks, book writeups screenshot

My personal website

The screenshot

The Minimum Viable Model website and Jekyll theme.

Tmaize Blog screenshot

一款jekyll主题,简洁纯净,支持自适应,支持夜间模式 screenshot

🧗‍♂️ Tw93 的个人博客

Vonge Jekyll Bookshop Template screenshot

📝 Personal blog template for Jekyll

Vuepress Theme Ktquez screenshot

A blog theme for VuePress by Ktquez 🤘

Will Jekyll Template screenshot

A simple Jekyll theme.